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General Discussion / Re: The Big American Bike Ride
« Last post by jwrushman on August 28, 2023, 05:24:58 pm »
I'm starting to think of riding the TransAm in 2026.  Anything going on at ACA with regards to a semiquincentenial even?
Gear Talk / Re: PedalCell
« Last post by misterflask on August 28, 2023, 04:50:31 pm »
The generator hub of the SON appears to be a straightforward electromechanical device with magnets, coils, and no electronic regulation.  It makes it very robust, but it is subject to the laws of physics, which here dictate that it generates lots of electricity at speed and very little when going slow.  There is a threshold below which the SON hub will not generate enough power to charge a phone.  This is about 8mph for my standard SON and surely a little lower for the SON28. 

8mph? no sweat you say?  I took the setup on a short tour into the N. Ga. mountains.  In the rolling piedmont, everything was fine.  But in the mountains with the ratcheting up and down, there was no charging while grinding out 4mph climbs and the few minutes spent in the 25mph descents couldn't make up for the lost time.

Don't know if the Pedalcell engineers did this, but there's room in the generator space for a field-regulated generator that can generate adequate power at very low speeds.

Those of us of a certain age will remember owning one of these:

About my standard SON hub.  It's built into a 700c wheel.  When purchasing it, I was preoccupied with it's slightly lower drag figure compared to the SON28 and missed that the '28 is designed for the lower spinning speed of 28"/700c wheels.  I needn't have worried about drag.  When not touring, the wheel lives on the daily commuter to power lighting.  The setup is so non-draggy that I never bother to turn the lights off; you really can't tell the difference.
General Discussion / Re: Custom Made Bikes in Canada
« Last post by peakwebs1 on August 28, 2023, 12:39:38 pm »
Awesome answer, Mark! (let along being a retired CNC machinist!) Thanks for taking the time. I'll inquire about what I'd actually be getting for the money. I'm also curious what their thoughts are on material and whether they can do steel.

Routes / Re: Katy Trail Review
« Last post by BillBekay on August 28, 2023, 03:29:54 am »
Thanks for the extensive review. The experiences of others are of great value when organizing a trip.
Thank you for the information. Is it possible, as an alternative to the proposed detour, to follow Allison Creek Road and Dutch Creek Road (Between Hwy3 /Crowsnest Highway and Dutch Creek Recreation Area)?
Gear Talk / Re: PedalCell
« Last post by Valin6210 on August 27, 2023, 03:12:28 pm »
I went with PedalCell for my hybrid bike.  This summer I rode both CTEC and Gap/C&O so about 850 miles of planned touring.  The first generator (the part that touches the wheel and sends power to the control block) lasted about 700 miles but stopped working on day 5 of CTEC.  The replacement generator only lasted 70 miles and stopped working with the same symptom, loss of resistance and not generating any power.  Both trails are mixed compact gravel and paved, no big bumps, and I never took it on rough terrain.  I would not recommend PedalCell.
North of Round Prairie, the Mt. Bingay Wildfire has closed Elk River Rd. Here is the closure order and where to check for status updates:

This is a tough detour since the Elk Valley has few southbound linkages into it if Elk Pass must be avoided. One thing is for certain: don't proceed southbound over Elk Pass until you are certain the closure has been lifted. Otherwise a rider could be stranded on the south side of Elk Pass.

A communications staff person at Regional District of East Kootenay, who also happens to organize a mtb event in the area, has suggested the following detour:

Southbound riders would leave main GD Canada route at the junction of Smith-Dorrien/Spray Lakes Rd. and Kananaskis Lakes Tr. in Lougheed Provincial Park, and follow PR 40 over Highwood Pass south to Coleman, then west on Crowsnest Hwy/PR 3 to Sparwood to rejoin the main route. This detour will increase overall mileage, is on a mix of paved/unpaved roads, and has virtually no services between Kananaskis Lakes area and Coleman, a distance of about 100 mi. Coleman is an all service town.

Complete GDMBR map set (7 maps total - including Canada) used for my Antelope Wells to Jasper ride in 2022.

Maps were purchased as a set from the ACA in the Spring of 2022.
Maps 2 and 6 are the most current version.
Maps 1, 3 and 4 were updated in 2022; Map 5 and Canada were updated in 2023.  My versions of these maps are one generation old.

ACA posts addenda for the previous three map versions on their website and updates are always being made.  Even if you have the latest print version it is still good practice to check the addenda for any changes.
$55 shipped to CONUS.

Accept PayPal (goods & services - buyer pays fees).
General Discussion / Re: Custom Made Bikes in Canada
« Last post by Mark Manley on August 25, 2023, 02:47:03 am »
Fifteen years ago I had a Roberts Roughstuff which was their expedition bike made for me and it is an excellent piece of kit, at the time I did not really know enough to order a bespoke bike but they knew their stuff and I got just what I needed, it has taken me on many adventures and I still ride it regularly.
As to Framework Bikes their website does not specify what you get for your money, I am guessing just a frameset for that price and I would expect to pay a lot more for a complete bespoke build and as a fan of steel frames it would not be for me. There does not seem to be much about them on the web either, I would expect an address where you would go to be measured up, it was like having a suit fitted at Roberts they wanted to know your every detail.
As a retired CNC machinist I confirm that with small tweeks to the programme they will be able to machine the individual parts to your exact specifications and it is satisfying having something unique that was made just for you but whether it is actually better than a well fitted off the peg frame is a matter of opinion.
General Discussion / Re: Boxed Bike on Delta Airlines
« Last post by Westinghouse on August 24, 2023, 08:54:55 am »
Every time I flew with a bicycle in a cardboard box when I got to my destination one axle of a wheel was protruding through a hole in the side of the box.
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