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Routes / Questions regarding TransAmerica cycling route and preparation
« Last post by Barak10 on July 23, 2021, 09:14:36 am »
My name is Barak and I am 24 years old. I am planning on going on my first long distance cycling tour in 2022. My preferred route is the TransAm but I am also considering the Pacific Coast.
I have a few questions that I would be grateful to have answered:

1. What type of preparation is necessary in terms of riding experience? The most I have ever ridden in one day is about 20 miles and honestly, my state of physical fitness could be better.
I have read accounts of cyclists who have set out on the route with no riding experience. Do I run the risk of injury if I begin riding without developing adequate stamina?
2. Given climate change in general and the extreme weather this summer in the West this particular, what is the recommended direction and start time for the TransAm?
3. In israel, where I currently live, traffic accidents involving cyclists on roads (better said, cyclists getting run over) are very frequent and a major concern. Is this an issue on the TransAm and the Pacific Coast?
Thank you all in advance.
If anyone is interested in joining me, feel free to contact me. I am flexible on direction and departure date.
Classifieds / FS Ortlieb Front Panniers
« Last post by j1of1 on July 22, 2021, 08:47:01 pm »
I have a set of Ortlieb Front Panniers for sale.  These are the BIKE PACKER model vs the newer Rollup or Sport Models.  The major difference being the top closes like a backpack vs being rolled up.  These are a few years old - I think I bought them in 2016 or 2017, but they have only been used once or twice as I have second set of Ortlieb front panniers (Classic).   I hope the pictures do them justice.  I'm asking only $95 for the pair plus shipping.   PayPal works for me.    Contact me at
These look like great options too. Thanks!
1930s era Sunset Highway from Davenport thru Reardan.
Much of the original high-quality concrete remains.
There are some thumpers at the cracks, but you are riding on a road almost 100 year old.
With no traffic.

Or you can stay on US 2.

Coulee Hite Road takes you down to Seven Mile Canyon and Riverside S.P. with camping.
Bypass Spokane on west side, stores/restaurants/services at Swenson Rd.
Back roads to Newport.

Back way via Moses Coulee to Soap Lake.
(Actually about 12 ies unpaved - - I lied.)
You miss the busy section of Hwy 28.
You get a spectacular canyon, instead.

Camping in Wenatchee and Soap Lake.
Hwy 28 east of Soap Lake is very empty.
Camping / services in Odessa, Harrington & Davenport.
That is a great addition jamawani! It sounds like the best option for NT (EB) is the Centennial Trail>PTCT>Wenatchee>SR 28 until you meet back up with US2 to rejoin the NT route in Newport, WA. Just a reminder that the I-90 bridge is not at all suitable for cycling.
Hi Jamie -

Yes, I suspect Hwy 20 will be closed for some time - maybe all the way thru the fall & winter.

There are no great options.
You still cannot cross the border into Canada.

US 2 west of Stevens Pass is VERY dangerous for cyclists.
Which is too bad, because with a few improvements it could be quite good.
(I have been on WSDOT for 20 years to do something - I will die before anything happens.)

There's nice back way from Anacortes to North Bend via the sweet Centennial Trail.

Hwy 28 on the east side is way emptire than US 2 east of Soap Lake.
Take the county road thru spectacular Moses Coulee & Palisades. 6(?) miles of unpaved.

According to MDT, SR 43 continues to be intermittently open and closed due to the Trail Creek (west of Wisdom) and Alder Creek (west of Wise River) fires. It is recommended that cyclists check the following road closures website in advance of passing through the area, or to gauge which detour to take. If you do stay on SR 43, expect smoky conditions. Posted speed limit through both fire areas is 35 mph. Watch for emergency vehicles and reduced visibility.

General Discussion / Re: Wild fires disturbing your tour?
« Last post by BikeliciousBabe on July 22, 2021, 03:11:15 pm »
Having crossed the US going west over the past 2 months we’ve arrived in Twin Bridges and find the TransAM route closed along 43 into Wisdom and Sula. Fires  burning all around Lolo Pass with sections of RT 12 closed we read and we see new fires in Oregon spreading around Walla Walla and along the Lewis & Clark route. Anyone else having their trip rerouted daily?


What did you do for a detour from Twin Bridges?

BTW..I am on the east coast. Earlier this week the smoke here was pretty bad considering how far away we are.
Classifieds / FS Co-Motion Americano $2200 + shipping
« Last post by on July 22, 2021, 02:25:12 pm »
1 owner, purchased new in 2008.  It’s been across the country (in 2016) and down the California coast and on several shorter trips as well.  Always well cared-for, kept inside when not being ridden, but normal wear & tear (e.g. the chainrings and rear cogs are probably close to needing replacement, though chain has been replace well within limits). Includes rear rack, fenders (carbon fiber) front hub dynamometer and lights.  Asking $2200 (plus shipping), does not include pedals but includes saddle (Terry Fly Gellissimo Ti cutout) or for +$100, Brooks Swallow Ti.  Photos at

Frame: Red with white sections on down and seat tubes for logo
   Top tube (horizontal equivalent) 52 cm.
   Seat tube 47 cm (c-c) 50.5 (c-t).
   Chainstay 45.5 cm
   Downtube 64 cm
   Wheelbase 101 cm
   Standover height (mid-top tube) 77 cm
   Forks have threaded holes for attaching front rack
Chris King threadless headset (approximately 25 mm stack spacers)
Deda Anatomic 250 handlebars, 40 cm width
Deda Stem, 95 mm, probably 15 degree rise
Thompson seatpost, 30 mm (maybe 30.2) no setback
Don’t know seat/head tube angles or rake, but the bike handles superbly with a load.
   Shimano XT triple front derailleur
   Race Face triple crank, 46-34-24 (110-74 BCD)
   Shimano XTR 9-speed rear derailleur
   11-34 9-speed cluster
   Shimano bar-end indexed (or not if you prefer friction) shifters
   700c Velocity Dyad rims
   Front:  32 spoke, Shutter Precision (SP) dynamometer hub (built in 2016 and used cross-country) ($128)
   Rear:  36 spoke, Hugi DT Tandem hub, symmetrical spoking, 145 mm spacing
Brakes: Avid V-brakes
   3 water bottle cages
   Carbon fiber fenders
   Tubus rear rack
   Busch & Muller Cyo T Senso Premium front light
   B&M Toplight brake plus rear light
NO pedals
Options for saddle:
1.   None
2.   Terry Fly Gellissimo with TI rails
3.   (+$100) Brooks Swallow with TI rails
Shipping Extra (just e.g., rough calculation from Boston to LA via Bikeflights with insurance is ~$190).
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