Which method of route planning do you prefer?

Suitability data from state and local agencies which have traffic counts and shoulder width.
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The use of maps to find remote local roads.
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The shortest distance between two places
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Author Topic: Suitability mapping?  (Read 10849 times)

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Re: Suitability mapping?
« Reply #15 on: November 07, 2011, 12:09:54 pm »
Hello Ginny,

If I had know you were going to be there, I would have attended.  None of the PR info mentioned you, just plugged Ron Haldemon again.

If eyes were opened, it would be great.  I met with them when OBC tried to get a grant for developing a US-66 route but they basically said we have no desire or intention of doing anything.  Again, this was the "bike coordinator" and his superior.  Nice people, just not interested in biking.  The same attitude occurred back in the early 80s when Freewheel was going strongly.  They had no desire to help.  The tourism people who helped to try to get the grant were great.  Just our DOT.  Hopefully, they will improve.

Senator Coburn is a love/hate relationship for me.  As a conservative, I like him.  As a biker, I do not.  I spoke to his offices a couple? months ago when he first proposed axing the Transportation Enhancements.  While they understood our (bikers) viewpoints, Sen. Coburn's is that we must cut "unneeded" spending.  Thankfully, his proposal got killed but I hear a different version is up now.  From what I hear, he is not running for re-election so that may be helpful for the biking community.  In either case, I will continue to work in any positive way I can to promote bike tourism, not just for Oklahoma but for all.

Thanks for all YOU do also.