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Prince Edward Island Information needed.


We are trying to arrange a bike ride, but not camping, on Prince Edward Island. I was hoping to bike one way and get a shuttle or public transportation back. Is there anything like that in PEI? I know there is a trail to ride, but I am having trouble pinpointing places to stay near the bike path. Any ideas or places I can get a suggested route with places to stay?

Did you try logging onto the Confederation Trail website?  I rode it a couple of years ago and stayed in B&B's right along the Trail.  The Gov't of PEI publishes all the B&B information that you might need.  That plus the internet with reference to B&B's. There are two bicycle stores in Charlottetown and one was providing shuttle rides to the Trailhead.  There is also the volunteer PEI trail group..  I still have my copy of Confederation Trail Cycling Guide which I used extensively.  It lists all the accommodations along the trail.  Try a PEI Parks publication  at  You can also try or call 902 628 2394 


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