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Re: TramsAm: Rainy days?
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I rode the TransAm in 2011. We left Yorktown on June 11. We had one shower on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and a couple of hours of rain leaving Hindman KY and an hour or so of rain near Booneville KY. That was the sum total of precipitation.

Edit, we did have a couple of epic overnight storms too, but we were camped under city park pavilions so had no worries.

I packed some arm and  leg warmers,  neoprene overshoes,  an event jacket, and a gilet. I wore my overshoes only once. After Pueblo, we had some very cold early mornings. I had a woolen base layer, and a buff to keep me warm. I mailed home my long fingered gloves. We had a couple of cold mornings in Yellowstone and in Jackson Hot Springs Montana when our tents froze.

Heat and humidity  further east was a bigger issue.

I read journals of folks who left perhaps a month or so earlier than us who had dreadful weather for days on end. It's a lottery I guess. I would caution against riding busier roads in really heavy rain, purely on safety grounds. We switched on our rear blinky lights when visibility was poor.

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