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Best Route St. Louis to Missoula
« on: January 18, 2012, 06:17:43 pm »
As part of a self supported trans US trip I will be going through this  section.  I will be going through the St. Louis area, not specifically through the city. I have looked at both the Lewis and Clark Route and the TransAmerica Route and can see positives in both.  At the moment I favor the TA route but am open to other ideas.  I am more interested in scenery than difficulty but if one is dramatically more difficult it could make a difference.  I will be riding southeast to northwest, from late spring to early summer.

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Re: Best Route St. Louis to Missoula
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2012, 10:08:58 pm »
Not sure about best.  But a route across Missouri from St. Louis to Kansas City is the Katy bike trail.  Or maybe its officially KT.  Its a gravel, crushed limestone trail that follows the Missouri River across the state.  Its OK.  Its not too bad riding on the crushed limestone.  Towns every 10-15 miles or so.  As long as its not wet...  Once you get to KC you can hook up with the Lewis&Clark route.  I rode 30 miles or so of the KT trail 15 years ago.  It was OK.  Riding gravel does not excite me.  Its not how I would choose to cross Missouri.  But it is officially a bike trail and lots of people seem to ride this rock trail.  And it is direct between St. Louis and a bit south of KC.

If you do the TransAmerica route, then take the Great Rivers route west and south out of St. Louis down 40-50 miles or so until you cross the TransAmerica route.  Then go west.

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Re: Best Route St. Louis to Missoula
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I rode most of the Katy Trail (Clinton to Dutzow) a few years ago. It goes from St. Charles to Clinton - most of the way across Missouri. It's very pleasant - a fine break from fighting traffic. I got on it just after a big storm but there were no problems. It's the longest Rails-to-Trails project in the US. If you ride it get a copy of "The Complete Katy Trail Guidebook" by Brett Dufur. It's available on