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Bike Transport
« on: January 24, 2012, 03:32:19 pm »
Has anyone used to ship their bike to the starting point of their journey.  We are researching the best ways to transport and have looked into this but don't know anyone that has used them to know how reliable they are.

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Re: Bike Transport
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The actual name is "bikeflights" (plural).
A search of the forums for "bikeflights" here yields nothing.

A search of crazyguyonabike yields one member who has used them. You could ask him through his guestbook.

A search on the ACA home page yields a few hits. BikeFlights is a business supporter of the USBRS and a corporate supporter of the ACA. BikeFlights gives a 10% discount for ACA members. They are mentioned in this ACA article:
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Re: Bike Transport
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Thanks much.  Will contact the guy that you referenced.