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self-contained/credit card
« on: March 01, 2012, 02:11:38 am »
I'm interested in a self-contained tour from Eugene, OR to S.F., then to Yosemite N.P.  I'll carry what's needed; but, I do not want to camp.  I would not know exactly where I'd be at the end of each day and cannot make reservations, as on a vacation.  Money is not a problem.  The problem is that I want to be sure there's a room available.  What's your solution?  If I go on an inn-to-inn tour with ACA, is there support of a mechanic and a sure ride to the next inn, if something breaks or I cannot bike the rest of the way?

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Re: self-contained/credit card
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2012, 01:21:48 pm »
I did the ACA Ride Montana and they provided support, even a ride for those who truly were in over their head or serioulsy broken down mechanically.  Check with them.

That said, part of the fun of bike touring is the adventure.  Things happen to every bike tourist who's been out there much, and somehow it always gets worked out.  Plan for what you can and deal with the rest out there on the road.
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Re: self-contained/credit card
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If you are looking for an iron-clad guarantee that there will be a hotel or motel room for you anyplace you decide to stop with no advance reservations, there is none.   You either make advanced reservations or take your chances.

That said, your probability of finding day-of-arrival accomidations in the smaller towns and on secondary roads not heavily used by car travelers are very good, particularly if you arrive by mid to late afternoon.   The only obvious exception will be in very popular tourist destinations in the travel season.  Show up at the Grand Canyon Village in the summer and try to get a room at one of the lodges at the last minute is almost certainly doomed to failure.

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Re: self-contained/credit card
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I have had success with credit card tours up to seven days long by reserving rooms in advance however, if you don't make your mileage on any given day your whole sched. is off. Most places allow 24 hour cancelation without charge however once you are off sched. and have to reschedule all stays and may meet with no vacancy's. This type of touring can be a challenge and stressful. Another factor is; in many area's lodging is scarce and cheaper hotels at times do not provide the most inviting facilities and customers. As far as any support, when you are on your own you are truly alone and need to be confident on your ability and have a bail-out plan. (someone to call, access to rental car, bike repair etc.)

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Re: self-contained/credit card
« Reply #4 on: March 02, 2012, 09:40:24 am »
One possible technique if you use chain motels, (Comfort Inns, La Quinta, Quality, etc.) is to have the motel you are in call ahead for the next night's reservations.   That way you are guaranteed a room the next night and only have to worry about one cancellation in the event of a delay.  Also, most of these chains allow no-penalty cancellations up to 4:00 PM on the day of arrival. 


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Re: self-contained/credit card
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If I go on an inn-to-inn tour with ACA,...

Does ACA have any/many of these?

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Re: self-contained/credit card
« Reply #7 on: March 05, 2012, 03:43:52 pm »
I've done a three week solo credit card tour for the last 7 years and I haven't had any problems with finding a place to stay. I have had to stay at a b&b ( I really dont like to stay in them) twice and once had to ride an additional 7 miles off rout. I've also staayed at some awful places but that is part of the fun. I make reservations in advance if there are fewer than 3 hotels in any town. I did make long range reservations in Yellowstone but built in a rest day at the park entrance so I could be a day late if I had to. I also have in the back of my mind a plan to buy a cheap tent and sleeping bag if all else fails. I love to solo credit card tour. It is really an adventure.