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pacific coast- astoria, OR to San Diego, CA
« on: January 26, 2012, 02:55:44 pm »
hey was just wondering if anyone has done the pacific coast at the beginning of april. starting in astoria, OR and finishing in San diego, CA. I am expecting some rain, was hoping that i could some idea of the weather around this time of year.  I know of the hiker/biker sites along the way. I am planning to camp most of the whole way, maybe once a week stay in a motel. About how long would this trip take? im planning on about 3 weeks, if i do a moderate 60miles per day. Thanks for any help i may get with this. keep your stick on the ice eh.
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Re: pacific coast- astoria, OR to San Diego, CA
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I haven't toured the Pacific Coast in April, but my roommate did years ago. (Actually, he started in late March, but still...) He encountered quite a bit of rain on the trip, at least the Astoria/San Francisco portion. April is a transitory weather month on that part of the coast: expect to see rain. You might luck out and get more nice weather than not, but chances are you'll be running into a few storms coming from the south (headwind) or days that go through a cycle of clouds/wind/hail/rain/sun/repeat about every two hours. The weather will be cool: probably a high of 50-60F (10-16C) and lows around 40F (4C).

Looking at the raw numbers you could pull off three weeks of 60 mile days , as it's about 1,200 miles between Astoria and San Diego. But this won't allow for any time off, so you can't wait out a day if the weather's bad, mechanical issues, or if you wanted to take a day off to either rest or see stuff, like explore San Francisco or hike in the redwoods. Do you have to do it in three weeks? If you have the flexibility I'd suggest budgeting for longer. Or if you have only three weeks to spare, maybe a shorter route, say Astoria/SF.


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Re: pacific coast- astoria, OR to San Diego, CA
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See this for general weather info for the OR portion:

It also has some other good information.