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Surly Disc Trucker v. LHT

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Dr. John:
Looking at pictures of the disc trucker fork, it appears that the left fork should be stiffer than the right fork as one might expect.  I am wondering if any owners of disc truckers have had any problems with a tendency to turn to the right?  If you have a disc trucker are you limited to circular tours or can you do a point-to-point tour?  Perhap if you wanted to do a tour in a counter-clockwise direction you could find a custom frame-builder to design a fork for you for maybe $500 with the disc caliper mounted to the right fork, thus making it easier to turn left (or you could put that $500 into your tour).  I'll have to talk to my mechanical engineering friends about it.  Seriously though, has anyone mounted a Tubus Tara rack to the disc trucker fork and fenders with normal stays?  I have a trucker deluxe, with which I tour and commute 200 miles/week sometimes loaded with 40 lbs. of most likely very unbalanced groceries with no problems other than when I went through snow and didn't realize that ice had accumulated on my rims - slowed down my stopping a bit.  Thought I might switch to a disc up front, but only if it is not too much a hassle.  I don't really see the need for a rear disc brake as I can lock up the rear wheel with a caliper brake just fine.

4 mo's ago I picked up a DT, upgrading from a Trek 7100... Ya big upgrade :p  I don't have a front rack yet but carry a bit of weight up front daily and have not had trouble with pulling to the right yet.

I stopped driving a year ago for health reasons and really have no intention to going back to the car untill I can't peddle anylonger :p I use a BOB and rear paniers for shopping and all so while I have not put out very long rides, just local overnights, I have clocked 2k miles already. But my area is farking flat land... I'll be moving to Santa Barbara soon and look forward to all my old stomping grounds :)

I have not seen or played with the LHT yet but I would like to just to feel the difference myself. I went with the DT because I have some long downhill rides planned and after seeing a bike blow out on 154 due to rim fatigue... Ya I just feel better with the disc breaks :)

Fenders for surly 26" disc with surly racks front & rear?

Anyone know which fenders will fit this bike?

Tried a few different brands ....  will not work.

Thanks for any help out there.

I bought my Surly Disc Trucker in Berkeley where I wintered this year and put on several hundred miles before relocating to northeastern Pennsylvania.  I am still riding it unloaded while I am slowly accumulating racks and panniers.  I have very hilly rides back east and love the disc brakes, but do not find that they are much different from the rim brakes on my Trek 7.2 or my Kestrel Evoke road bike.  The ride on the trucker is springy and enjoyable compared to my other bikes, even with the stock saddle.  I have purchased a Brooks Flyer saddle but have yet to put it on.  I also want to mount fenders but have not decided which are the better choice.  All in all, the Tucker gets five stars out of five for ride and handling.  Thanks to the folks at the Missing Link Bicycle Cooperative in Berkeley for a great fit!  I have about 500 miles on it now and am very pleased.  I have given my Trek to my son and may just sell the Kestrel since the Surly is the only one that I ride since coming back east.


--- Quote from: Dr. John on January 21, 2013, 06:11:36 pm ---Seriously though, has anyone mounted a Tubus Tara rack to the disc trucker fork and fenders with normal stays?

--- End quote ---

Don't know about the Tara, but I had a Tubus Duo on there with big fenders and all was well.  I'm selling the Duo though, my rear bags are so big I can get everything in there.


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