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SOLD! North St. Bags "Route 7" Pannier Set
« on: March 04, 2012, 04:20:26 am »
These bags have already been sold, thanks!

I'm selling a set of North St. Bags Route 7 panniers. These panniers are hand-made here in Portland by Curtis Williams. They are basic touring panniers in an "Ortlieb" roll-top style. I have owned these panniers for about a year, and they served me well on my Cross-Con Tour. They are still in decent shape! (See below for pics.)

The official description and specs:
A simple, lightweight, waterproof pannier with a simple yet secure roll-top closure. The tapered shape allows for easier access, and a reduced change of heel-strike.
  • waterproof liner
  • d-ring tabs to add a shoulder strap
  • reflectors and blinky loops for visibility
Most of the materials in the bags are manufactured in the USA.

Size (individual bag):
6″ x 9″ (15cm x 23 cm) at the base, it tapers up to 6″ x 12″ (15cm x 30cm)
Stands 15″ (38cm) tall (not including the roll top extension).
1080 cubic inches (around 17.7 liters)

There's nothing wrong with these panniers. I'm just purging them from my collection because I don't need this size of pannier right now.

Price: $65 USD for the set. I'm not interested in selling them individually at this point.
This price is less than a single one new!

Available for local pick-up in Portland, Oregon. Shipping cost to be determined on location.

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