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I have searched and read a lot of threads so I apologize in advance if I am asking the same question someone else has.

I am riding the Trans Am soon.  I bought the ACA maps and a Garmin eTrex 20.  I downloaded the GPS data from the ACA website for the TransAm.  I have BaseCamp software and have Garmin City Navigator North America maps.  I read the GPS Data Quick Start. I put all the GPS data onto the receiver and when I show all the receivers contents on Base Camp I see the entire TransAm route on the map on my computer.  I see the part of the Quick Start titled Meaningful waypoint names but that sounds like I have to rename every waypoint and I am not sure if that is necessary.

Here's where I am stuck and confused. 
1. Will the TransAm route appear on the GPS when I get to Astoria, OR and start to ride across the country?
2. If I use the maps in conjunction with the GPS do I need to rename way points on the GPS?
3. I just see a list of points under Create Route and Waypoint Manager NO ROUTES BY SECTION.  Do I have to make the routes out of them?  Like make the routes of out them on my computer and then transfer the routes to the GPS?

PS: I think the instructions from Garmin for the eTrex are totally lacking for a GPS newbie.

Thanks to anybody who knows what I am talking about.  I can't wait to hear your helpful answers:)!


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Hi Flynn. Take a look at the sticky topic, "Using Adventure Cycling GPS Data" at the top of this discussion group and the link it gives to the GPS Data User Guide on the web site. You will find many of your answers there. Briefly, though:

You do not have to rename any waypoints unless you want to make them more meaningful as you ride with the GPSR showing the next waypoint name.

The waypoints and GPS routes that you load into the Etrex will be visible. TransAm contains 3406 waypoints, more than the 2000 limit of the Etrex 20. You can deal with this in two ways: reload part way across or winnow the waypoints at home before you load up, using the receiver's auto-routing to navigate between the remaining waypoints. Alasdair wrote about this in

The 65 GPS routes in the TransAm download contain the map section number in their names. (GPS Data User Guide describes the naming convention.) Each includes 25 - 30 waypoints along the cycling route. You can use them as they stand, planning to begin and end each day in the middle of a GPS route. Or you can use them as a basis for creating your own routes.

I agree with your assessment of the Garmin manual. It is also lacking for us experienced gadget geeks. Look around at for better tutorial material. It is a large and interesting site; plan on a few hours there.


Offline Flynn

I am reading your suggestions but I have another quick question in response to something you said.  I transferred Sections 1 thru 11 onto the GPSR and did not get a warning message that it was too much data.  (I am assuming 1-11 is at least 2000 waypoints.-?)  I can see my entire route is on the GPSR via Base Camp. 

If the GPSR can only hold 2000 waypoints and I loaded over the limit would I have gotten an error message or wouldn't my full route not show up on the GPSR? Or would some waypoints  get randomly left out because there is no more room on the GPSR?

You are really helping me out, thank you.
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Sorry, I do not know how this unit treats waypoints beyond the limit. My older unit simply ignores all above the limit, truncating the route.

Is BaseCamp showing you the waypoints and routes from the computer's memory, the GPSR's memory, or both? Try disconnecting and see how much of the route you can follow on the receiver's screen. How many waypoints appear in the unit's waypoint list? They are alphabetical from Astoria J01010 to Yorktown J0CAJ0. Spur routes come after the main route ends at Yorktown in the list.