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Hello fellow bike travelers:

I posted this on another forum but would like to also reconnect with old friends here.

On March 30, 2012 I marked my 10th consecutive year of bicycle touring the world. A whole decade has passed since I started and I find it a bit hard to believe. It's far longer than I originally expected when I left Arizona in 2002. This is a long time for anyone to dedicate their life to any single thing. I have been on tour longer than most people stay at a job, earn a college degree, or stay married. On my anniversary I am going to do the things I still love most; ride, visit new places, and camp - this time in the mountains of Northern India.

I found this letter (see link below) very emotional to write. Continuously drifting around the world this long was hard for me to confront and writing about it made me take a long look in the mirror. I hope you enjoy this letter.
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Hey Tim,

Thanks for sharing and thanks for posting here. I own all your books and watched/read as adventures and dramas unfolded. It's all been inspiring, to say the least. Hopefully we will see you in Portland OR when you are doing your stateside tour.  (user:waynemyer)

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That's really a very good post.