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White Hall VA Community Center
« on: April 10, 2012, 06:48:33 am »
Thinking about camping one night behind the community center in White Hall, VA (TransAm trail), which I hear people do, but then I also hear the center is mostly locked these days???    A bit confused what you do about water and facilities in that case.   I know how to wilderness camp, but normal functions become ill-mannered inside town limits.....

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Re: White Hall VA Community Center
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According to the map, there is a grocery and service station in town, they can probably be of aid with your needs.

Also, there is a new contact person for the center. You might give her a call for suggestions. That information is on the addenda:

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Re: White Hall VA Community Center
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A similar topic was discussed just recently:

Bottom line is you can pitch your tent, but see what convenience stores or gas stations have available for restrooms, and fill up your water bottles while you can.
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