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I will be accomplishing a solo, self contained bicycle tour that encompasses major cities  for fundraising purposes.  The route starts in Seattle, Washington and travels down to San Diego, California.  From there it will cross the southern tier of the US.  I want to end up in St. Simons Island, Ga.  I took a look at ACA maps, but it looks like your maps for the Pacific Coast and Southern tier avoid the major cities (which is understandable).  Do you have any suggestions that I might use?  I have about 2 years to plan this thing, however the quicker I can nail down a route; the easier it will be to set up fundraiser events for our non-profit.  I am looking to accomplish about 50 miles a day on average and the route I have roughly planned is about 3780 miles.


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Guessing that you would like to enjoy the biking as much as work at fundraising, I'll suggest staying on the ACA routes for most of the distance, heading into the cities as you approach them. This will add some miles, but maybe not much time, as the information on the scouted routes will save scouting time and eliminate the bad choices of routes and lodging that are inevitable with lack of experience on the routes.


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Hi Wilburmighty,

Congratulations on committing to your ride! You could easily stay on the Adventure Cycling Route Network and then travel off route as needed -- and suggested by Fred -- to the larger destinations for your fundraising commitments. I suggest taking a look at what each state has to offer for a bicycling map and talking to the state coordinators as well for advice on how to best get from our routes to your chosen urban centers. Most coordinators are familiar with our routes and should have suggestions for you.

You can reach each of them through the contact information available here:

Hope this helps.


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