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Route from Globe, Az
« on: April 22, 2012, 12:01:01 am »
My wife and I are touring across the country right now. We are currently in Tempe, Az and want to get up to Pueblo, Co for our next leg of the trip. From Pueblo we will pick up the TransAm and finish in Washington DC.
   My question is if anyone has any experience or information on the route from Globe, Az going north on the 60 / 77. There are two small towns on the route, but I'm concerned about services (and water), and road conditions. If we go south from Globe it's the AC Southern tier, but I want to head north through New Mexico and I think it would be a bit farther to use the AC route. Any advice? We have a rest day tomorrow but will be back on the road Monday.


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Re: Route from Globe, Az
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2012, 12:28:59 pm »
There aren't many services on the route you want to take.  Although you may have to backtrack a little bit I think you might want to consider heading north from Tempe and hooking up with the Grand Canyon Connector the will take you to the Western Express (WE).  The WE will connect you to the Trans Am.

You could take the 87 up to Payson then the 260 over to Cottonwood.  There you could get the 89A through Sedona and on to Flagstaff.  The route might be longer but you'll have more services available. Besides you may want to visit the Grand Canyon.   I haven't ridden it but I have driven it and it is pretty and the roads are pretty good.

You could even take the 160 through the Navajo Reservation and go by Four Corners.  This will take you in the direction of Pueblo, CO.  Not sure about services available on the reservation though.