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Touring, mapping GPSR from Garmin, which to choose?

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I have an eTrex but I'm saving up for a Montana 600. I like the large touch screen and the dual battery flexibility.

Oregon 450 arrived, registered with Garmin (another account user & pw, grumble, grumble) updated the S/W, and now playing with the unit.  My brother has a an eTrex, and when compared, the eTrex screen is much crisper, & easier to read under most conditions even with the backlight at brightest setting on teh 450 (indoor, outdoor sunny day in the shade)  About the only condition where the Oregon is nearly equally readable is in bright sun.  So far no too pleased with the display.

Also the touch screen is much less sensitive than my touch screen Smartphone, so I’m still learning the Oregon.  I have not yet found an adjustment for the touch screen sensitivity.


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