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Route advice Sedro Woolly to Whidbey Island WA?

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We're a small group riding a self-contained loop trip in WA this July.  Looking for some safe alternative roads to Hwy 20 between Sedro Woolly and Deception Pass bridge.  Our bikes can handle light gravel trails.  Any suggestions for routes, online resources or a friendly local bike shop to contact?  Tx

Go west from Sedro Woolley on Cook Rd to Avon Allen Rd, south on Avon Allen to McLean Rd, west on McLean to Whitney-LaConner Rd, south to La Conner, NW on Reservation Rd, just before hitting HWY 20 go west and south to Similk, south to Gibraltar, west to Dewey, then SW to Deception Pass.  I'd get a map to check this out.  I have not ridden all of these roads but often just use maps to scope routes out  and then go ride them.  Occassionally you have to make modifications, but it's always fun and interesting and it is sposed to be an adventure, right?

Itinerant Harper:
The above route to Fidalgo Island seems okay and the route on Fidalgo is nice, but here's the route I'd take:
Bayview to Deception Pass Bridge

I started it a Bayview State Park as that should intersect decently with any backroads route from Sedro Wooley (and maybe you'd want to camp there anyway).

This route takes you around March point, which has a refinery in the middle of it which is sort of horrific but in an industrially fascinating way.  But it's flat and along the water the entire way with views of Mount Baker/Cascades, Skagit flats, San Juan Islands and the city of Anacortes.  As you round to the western side of the point you get on a rail-trail that crosses on a long trestle right over the bay.  This will take you right into Anacortes. I changed the route to bail you off early, but if you continue on the trail you'll go into "Old Town" Anacortes where you'll find the best cafes, restaurants and pubs.  You can easily get back on this route from downtown by following M Ave south.

From Anacortes this route then takes you into the Community forest lands. There are tons of trail riding in here (though the best are a bit west of this route) but this route takes you past three lakes (Hart, Erie and Pass), Mount Erie, past two great beaches (Rosario and Bowman) and then to Deception Pass (also my childhood home at a certain point :) ). Of course both of the routes that hug the coasts are great too but this is my favorite route through the Island and keeps you the most off of Hwy 20.

Thanks for both replies on routes.  I'll check out the first set.  Itinerant Harper, the mapquest route doesn't show when I open the attached link...

Itinerant Harper:
Huh, it works for me. But I'll update it with the full Google Maps link instead of a short URL.


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