Author Topic: Advise needed on ride from Longwood University to old Dominion University  (Read 6966 times)

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I want to ride from Farmville Virginia to Norfolk Virginia & could use a little help. Has anyone ridden from Southside to the Tidewater area?  Looking at a map going from Suffolk to Norfolk could be a problem,  looks like road I can't ride on. Anybody got any help on this?

I did the ride this past week the first leg was to Laweranceville, great Town I spoke with the Mayor who allowed me to pitch my tent behind the Town Office, if you are in the area they are cycle friend, also they are part of the Rails -to-Trails. The second leg was to just past Franklin found a nice setting with a great pond as my second night out. Then on in to Norfolk nice ride just a little hot. Getting around Suffolk and into Norfolk was really easy just through Suffolk stay on 58 and turn into Military Highway. The return trip I did two centuries back to back. Two days home. Great Ride
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There's really no easy way to get from Suffolk to that part of Norfolk (tunnels and interstates).  Although it's a bit long, going from Suffolk, over to Chesapeake, to Virginia Beach, and then west to Norfolk would be about the only option.

Although I haven't ridden into that part of Norfolk, I live in Virginia Beach and will be glad to provide additional information if needed.

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I agree looks like a little side trip may be in order. Thanks for the help I will have to add a little extra time. I'll post as I get closer to the ride.