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Dickinson ND to Glendive MT


I may just be stupid, but could someone tell me if there is a map that shows how to go from Dickinson ND to Glendive MT?  I am trying to connect the Northern Tier to the Lewis and Clark routes.  Thanks.

The very best will soon be available. As you have probably read here, ACA is working on a re-route of Lewis & Clark and NT maps in North Dakota and eastern Montana to avoid the oil-boom traffic and crowding. The NT maps are available, and the Lewis & Clark maps will, I believe, go to the printer this month.

Carla may have more recent information. The new Lewis & Clark Section 4 runs on back roads along the I-94 corridor between Dickinson and Glendive.

Details and a sketch map are at


John Nelson:
I received my new Northern Tier Section 3 map almost two weeks ago. Panels 48 to 52 of that section take you from Dickenson to Glendive. It uses a combination of Old Highway 10 and I-94, with a bit of CR 106.

To add some information to Fred's reply: The Lewis & Clark maps are currently at the printer (they went separately from the Northern Tier maps). We expect to see them in the office by the end of the month.



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