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Bike shipping / Lesson learned?

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As yopu found out, Fed Ex and UPS charge based on distance, weight AND package size.  Bigger boxes that weigh less are often cost significantly more.  As noted above, both companies have a shipping cost calculators on their web sites.  You enter the origin and destination zip codes, the package weight and it's dimensions.   They then give you a shipping cost.    Two smaller boxes would have saved a bunch. 


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--- Quote from: staehpj1 on May 14, 2012, 02:58:53 pm ---Frontier charges for both bags if you go economy class, but nothing extra for the bike if it is one of the bags.  I think that comes out to $40 or so.

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In one month, I'm flying Frontier domestically within the U.S. with my bike. I paid $25 extra for a "Classic" fare. Both my bike and my checked duffle bag will fly along for free.

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Sounds like a good deal.  Cheaper than the economy class ticket.

As a first time flyer with bikes I apparently did not do my homework. My wife booked with United and I believe their bike fee was $100 per bike. Plus I was concerned with airport hassles. I did check the FedEx on-line calculator before I picked up my boxes from the LBS. Being my first time, I assumed bike boxes were pretty standard and a few inches here and there would make a small difference. In the FedEx on-line calculator I used the measurement that popped up in the "road bike" field and the weight of my bike price was around 70.00. As previously stated by you guys little changes in measurements make a big difference in price. I will be more careful on my return and may even take staehpj1 suggestion and have a LBS handle it all.  My intent with sharing my experience was so I an others could learn from my mistake. Thanks again for the feedback.

Here's another twist in the box size equation.  Fedex will not cover the bike against shipping damages unless there is a couple inches clearance between the bike and the box. 

I've always had good luck with Fed Ex. Usually go to the local bike shop, pick up a bike box for nothing, (they use them for trash after they pull the new bike out). Just shipped a Cannondale T2 to Vegas from Nothern Michigan for $72 with $1100 insurance on it.


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