Author Topic: Looking for bike shoe suggestions to overcome issue with Parkinson's  (Read 1901 times)

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Offline mh5

I've been riding (and light touring) for about 8 years now but I've recently run into a problem reportedly related to a symptom of Parkinson's disease.  While I'm riding, my toes want to curl under my foot.  It's a strange thing but PD is a strange disease.  Unfortunately, this is very painful after a few hours and I have yet to find a good solution.  I really don't want to give up touring but the pain is really cutting into the enjoyment of being on a bike.

I currently use SPD cleats and have found my very stiff soled Specialized shoes are somewhat better than a more flexible pair of Shimano shoes.  Tightening the shoes excessively stops the foot movement but is no more comfortable.  I've used the same cleat positions and bike fit for several years and have not tried changing the cleat positions yet. 

My local bike shop has heard of this problem before but had no ideas on a work-around.  Does anyone out there have any experience with this?  Thanks in advance!

Offline Don D.

Would something like a gel or leather crest pad help?  They are used to straighten hammer toes.  Maybe you could rig something up to fit inside your sock.  Just a thought, and maybe not a very useful one.  The bike riding must be good for your condition, however, so I hope you find a workable solution.   

Offline RussSeaton

Would sandals be better?  The toes are open so if your toes curled up, nothing would really be bothered.  I know you said you prefer the stiff Specialized shoes over more flexible Shimano shoes.  But I've always had comfortable feet when riding with sandals.

Offline mh5

Sandals are a good idea.  I was also wondering about shoes with a larger toe box (Keens?) in order to try a pad like Don D. suggested.

Thanks for the suggestions.