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--- Quote from: valygrl on August 06, 2012, 12:02:49 am ---I would rent a one-way rental car from SF to Monterrey, it's a couple-hour drive.  That gives you a whole day back that you would otherwise spend being tortured by public transportation.

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And carry two bikes and all your gear in/on a rental car?  Sound like a good idea, but how would that work, unless you rented a very large car (and be sure not to get any grease or scratches anywhere).

My sweetheart and I do it regularly with a mid-size hatchback--a Prius in our case. Front wheels off, lay an old Army blanket on the floor, one bike flat, another blanket, the other bike flat on top. Leaves enough room for luggage or panniers for two for a long trip. It does require two people to load 'em up. A small wagon would do as well.


Hi - I second the motion on the traffic south of San Francisco.  The sticky spot is Devil's Slide, going up and down.  That ride was pretty hair raising for us (our first ever tour segment).  From Montara all the way to Santa Cruz is a good road and fine scenery.  From Santa Cruz to Monterey it is mostly back roads, so not much traffic there either.

Just sayin,


Does anyone have advice on where to rent touring bikes in San Francisco? One way rentals, perchance?



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