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Trans AM Kentucky - off-route to Louisville

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Kentucky riding can be some of the most beautiful and challenging riding you'll find in the Midwest. Unfortunately it is challenging to enter into Louisville. Once out of town however there are fantastic roads available.
Here are some resources for good routes:
Give KY a chance, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Charlie Myer

big blue cat:
if you're coming from the west when you cross over the ohio river, you can take the underground railroad, which crosses back over the river at brandenburg. you will ride through s. indiana. depending on when you come through, they are working on a bridge for ped./bikes to cross the river into lou. as one of your people mentioned, if you don't have to go to lou. i wouldn't. i to live in oldham co. i don't like riding in lou. & i've live here all my life. any questions? feel free to respond.


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