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heading west on NT, how can I get up to Chicago?


Once again I call on the wisdom of the ACA forums. After having no luck on a google search, and a ACA forum search, I pose my question:

I am riding the NT (westbound) and am currently in Cleveland, OH. I have reason to stop in Chicago and was wondering if anyone could help me with a decent route off the NT (somewhere in IN) up to Chicago, IL.

Please help

You guys have always done me well. Thanks!

Did you see this?:

I actually hadn't. But going over the material I wasn't able to find anything great.

Really I was hoping for an old MS 150 route that ended on the Chicago lake front.
I don't like google map bike directions b/c you end up with 600 turns onto unnamed trails at .1 mile intervals. Also I was hoping to avoid Gary, IN which is known as a high crime area.

If I can't pull up a charity ride, I'm going to look for roadways with decent shoulders to take.

I just figured someone on here has done something similar to this at one point and may have saved the route.

(Thanks for finding that old thread btw, wish it had more)


John Nelson:
I don't like Google bicycle directions either, but Google driving directions with the "Avoid highways" option usually does a pretty good job.

Yeah, I guess that is what I'll have to do. Thanks


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