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Be advised the Forest Road 25 south of Randle, WA is currently closed
for two reasons: bridge construction ~15 miles S of Randle
(the one crossing Benham Creek, scheduled to open in early
to mid July), and snow coverage (unknown when they will plow - we found it
Impassable at 1 mile S of Elk Pass - don't ask how we got past the out bridge headed SB).

Verified by me personally on Tuesday June 19.

According to ranger station info line , FR23 is also closed due to "damage" with no ETA.

So, we went on West to the I-5 corridor and finding another way South currently.


Thanks for the report on FR 25. We just heard this news through our Twitter feed (@acaroutes) from another rider out there right now.

For other Sierra Cascade riders: Another option, heading southbound, is to begin heading south from Yakima/Selah. Heading northbound, continue east on SR 14 then head north to Yakima/Selah.


I just spoke to the Cowlitz Valley Ranger Station and they assured me that FR 25 will be open for travel by July 4.



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