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GPS route names ?


Maybe the answer is in the forum somewhere but I was not able to find it.  I read the GPS document for the naming convention but I do not seem to be able to follow it for route names.  I have been able to load all the GPS information for the NT, LC, NL, and LE but when I tried to select a route there is a long list of routes with names I cannot correlate to a map segment readily.

For example if I only imported NT01v007.gpx into basecamp and I see a list of routes named:


Is there way to easily determine what the route name matches on the maps without creating a spreadsheet?  The route names (numbers) do not appear to increment in order?  How are other riders handling the long list of cryptic route names?  Thank you for your assistance.

Get the GPS Data User Guide. The chapter on route names has your answers. We named them to keep within the six-character limit of some basic receivers, but still allow you to combine any routes in the whole network without name conflicts. Briefly, it goes like this for the example F01040:

F denotes the Northern Tier cycling route.
0 denotes the main route. Alternates get higher numbers.
1 denotes section 1 of the NT, that is, the first paper map.
04 denotes the map number on this section where the GPS
     route begins. It may extend onto other map.
0 denotes the first route that appears on this map.

The User Guide has more. HTH.



Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.  The user guide is very helpful.


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