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Northern Tier Section 4 panel 63 SR46 2012 bridge closure


Northern Tier Section 4 Map 63 (2012)
Bridge across Sheyenne River closed, bridge being replaced.
THERE IS A NARROW BRIDGE JUST SOUTH (100+ yards) OF SR 46. No need to follow detour.
WB - Just before bridge take left on gravel road toward closed Bar & Grill follow road to narrow bridge.
EB - Turn right into Little Yellowstone Park, at south east end of park follow gravel road across narrow bridge.

FYI - as of spring 2012 we have changed the Northern Tier #4 map so it doesn't use this routing anymore. There are new maps available to purchase. The route was modified to avoid the gas and oil boom occurring in northwest North Dakota centered around Williston. Go here for more information:

Thanks for the bridge outage workaround.  We're going through there tomorrow (WB) and will look for the narrow bridge.  (I'm confused by the posting that the new ND maps don't use this routing anymore.  My new map does.)

This is indeed on the new route. The old route does cross the Sheyenne River further north in Cooperstown. If you are still on line before heading out tomorrow, this Googe Maps link shows a close-up view.



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