Author Topic: Biking direction between Charleston (SC) and Richmond (VA) ?  (Read 10359 times)

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I'm planning a bike trip between Charleston (SC) and Richmond (VA) during either Sept or Oct of this year, and I'd like to pick the general travel direction (south-to-north, or north-to-south) so that the prevailing wind direction blows mostly at my back.  I've tried some weather web sites, but haven't been able to find out the prevailing wind direction for that area and time of the year.  Does anybody know the answer to this, or can you point me to a web site that would have the answer?

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Re: Biking direction between Charleston (SC) and Richmond (VA) ?
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Hi stanboghosian,

I've got two sources that should be helpful in planning your direction.

The Dashboard and Averages features at Weatherspark:

And the Wind and Weather statistics at Windfinder:

Let us know what you think of these tools.


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Re: Biking direction between Charleston (SC) and Richmond (VA) ?
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Thanks so much.  Exactly what I was looking for!  Both websites were useful.  I found "weatherspark" to be a little more helpful in planning than "windfinder".