Author Topic: N.GA or N.AL to the Anywheresville along the Gulf, safely ????  (Read 8039 times)

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Anyone had any 1st hand tour experience traveling from along The Silver Comet Trail (GA) / Chief Ladiga Trail (AL) south to anywhere along the Gulf Coast, safely....meaning some hope for shoulders and/or low traffic with avoidance of larger towns (e.g., Columbus, Auburn, Montgomery, etc.). 
'Total dream fulfillment' :- ) would be to find a route to Apalachicola, FL vicinity, however, I'd be elated to learn how to just get my toes in the sand/surf anywhere along the Gulf, as requested.

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Re: N.GA or N.AL to the Anywheresville along the Gulf, safely ????
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I'm limited on knowledge of which route will take you south (say from the Atlanta area) however, I do know the Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga trails travel in an east to west direction (not north and south).  You may check with the BRAG organization for routes that would take you south toward FL.  I would imagine they have ton's of route info since they been hosting the Bicycle Ride Across GA for many years.  Go to their site and look for the director "Vicki".  if she can't help, she can point you in right direction.  Safe Travels, Vern