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Help me accesorize my Surly LHT

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I went down to my local REI today and they had a 58 LHT (just my size) with 700 wheels on sale for less than $950 in blue.  I was looking at getting a Co-motion Americano Co-pilot, but that would have run me almost $5k.  Based on all the good reviews of the LHT, I decided to take the plunge.  While I'd love to own the Co-motion, I was afraid I would always worry about the Americano getting stolen while on tour.  Also, as I'm new to touring, I figured I could do my upcoming spring tour and then evaluate the bike situation when I finish.  I'm now looking forward to accessorizing my new bike!

Pat Lamb:
Good idea, start with the LHT, do a tour, see if you want a different bike, repeat as necessary.  It may be all you want, and it's a reasonable cost/benefit rig to find out what you want different (if anything).


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