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The SKS Longboard 45 will still work with a 37mm tire width. I routinely use them with a 38mm tire for winter commuting with no issues. The real treat to these fenders are the extended length, on very wet roads there is little to no spray on the crank or shoes which is a very nice feature.

I had an odd thing happen with Planet Bike fender.  My son drove my wife and me from San Jose to Corvalis, around 800 miles I guess.  My bike was the inboard bike on the rack.  When I got there, I found my front fender had "torn".  Because we were starting the Oregon coast the next day, I borrowed duct tape from by brother in law and taped it together.  It held for the 400 miles of the trip.

Now, when I move the bikes using the car, I duct tape the leading edge of the fender down to the tire.  I pull it off before we start to ride, and everything works out.

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