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FS: 56 cm Surly LHT, Fast Bike, 1,400.00


I have a 2012 Surly LHT in blue 56cm frame that is 8 months old and in excellent condition. I had Bikes Unlimited in Lynchburg, VA build up the bike for a transam ride that I did this summer with the bike, the bike performed flawlessly. I am quite a fanatic about taking care of the bike, for example, I cleaned the chain daily on my transam ride. The bike really looks like new. It has new brake pads, almost new Continential Gaterskin tires and a new chain.

I had it built up as tricked out performance touring machine as you can see from the parts lists. It weighs in at just under 25 lbs and is very fast. The bike cost me 2,600.00 and I am selling it for 1,400.00 plus shipping, less pedals and bottle cages (I will stick them on the new frame). I am only selling it because I have a long torso and short legs and just ordered a custom CoMotion Frameset. We live in Central Virginia. Here is a link to my transam ride this summer with the bike: , I have more photos of the bike if needed.

Here is the parts listing:

Shimano Dura Ace bar end shifters
Shimano R600 brake levers
Avid Digit 7 brakes with Problem Solvers brake modulators (used on tandems with V-brakes), this thing can stop!
Shimano XT front derailler
Shimano XT rear derailler
Shimano 9-speed chain
Shimano XT 9-speed cassette 11-34
Shimano XT triple crankset 44-32-22 (this was perfect gearing for the transam)
Profile Designs Stem
Velocity Dyad rims with Shimano XT hubsets, 36 DT stainles 14 gauge spokes. These are amazing wheels, the guys at the shop did an epic job building them up, they are true as the day they were made.
Chris King Headset
Brooks Saddle (only 1,000 miles on the Brooks, it is just broken in)


is it still available?  i am 5'11" with short legs...will i fit?  i've a son in san diego and would love to pedal from pittsburgh and surprise him.  did you do your trip solo?

jerry p

 will have to drive down to va to pick it up.  if you can't get your 1500 within a couple weeks i will pay you 1400 and make the trip.  what kind of saddle bags did you use Ed?


hi ed

my personal emal is biddeford5 at the popular y site....communication through there might be simpler

i will post your check was payday.  i would be interested in your equipment/supply list from your trip...what you found essential and what you wished you'd had more or less of


Is the bike still for sale?



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