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Is there going to be a Tour Divide Race this year? I have been checking in on and there has been no updated page. They still have the start date from 2012. There twitter hasnt even been updated in 250 days or so. Me and My buddy are doing the entire route this year and I couldnt be more excited!!

John Nelson:
Their web page may not mention the 2013 race, but their Facebook page does.

Awesome! did not know they had a Facebook! thanks for the help.

Trying to get up to speed on this tour so bear with me if I sound ignorant.  Would a Salsa Vaya be able to handle the Tour Divide route?
I have a 3ish year old Salsa Vaya (compact double that I'd probably switch to a true triple) with 26" wheels, road drop bars, Avid disc brakes..
or would a Fargo be a much better fit for the tour. Not intending on racing but just wondering about the route for those that have done it.

Going to check out too as well...


What is the consensus on the sleeping situation? will you guys be mostly tarp camping, tent, or hotel, I figured I would be tarp camping and a hotel every 4 or 5 nights?


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