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I don't know what extraction program is showing you this, but those folder names are part of the path to the file on Jenn's Mac. The folders exist only on her computer, not in the Zip file. This listing from WinZip shows what is in the file.

Yes, we can be more diligent about following our own naming style conventions. Until they are published next, your program can convert all those file names to lower case without causing any name conflicts.



--- Quote --- The folders exist only on her computer, not in the Zip file.
--- End quote ---

Fred, the directory structure, i.e. the path or folder information, is saved in the zip file.  Look at the Path column in your WinZip listing.   Usually this directory structure is recreated by default when the file is unzipped.  I can continue to work around it if necessary, it isn't a big deal.

Sort of. The name of the folder that held the file on Jenn's computer is stored as the path in the Zip file. Nothing else about that folder--not its size, not the other files that were in it, not its creation date--nothing else is in the Zip file.

Does your zip program not let you just extract the files? Get WinZip, which presents the option to rebuild the path with empty folders above the files or not.


I would consider two more things in the future management of your GPS data.  My thoughts are specific to waypoints and not routing information:

First, consider adding an API to query the data.  For example, give me all campsites within 30km of a given location, or give me all the restaurants along the Northern Tier Route.  This would open the doors for the intelligent generation of waypoint lists that are specific to a users needs.  They can download the data that interests them the most and then upload it to their device.  Furthermore, such an API would allow third party developers to write smartphone applications that query and display the data.  This would be a great asset to those without GPS devices.

Second, consider taking a wiki approach to the data and allow users to rate, comment, and flag waypoints.  A collaborative approach would allow the best data to trickle to the top while dated or inaccurate data would be removed.

Good luck with your redesign!


--- Quote from: chrisch on August 24, 2012, 12:48:33 am ---consider taking a wiki approach to the data and allow users to rate, comment, and flag waypoints.

--- End quote ---
I like that Chris, something along the lines of or some other location based services. Download the the desired points to the GPS, view on the web, or view on a mobile device. Brilliant.


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