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Natchez Trace Northern Terminus Connection to Nashville


Hi all. Just wanted to let you all know of some recent developments in Nashville. The northern terminus of the natchez trace leaves you at the outskirts of the city. I know many tourists wonder: "what's the best way to get into Nashville from here?" This year, Nashville unveiled the Music City Bikeway, a ~26 mile route through downtown Nashville. Good news for adventure cyclists: its an easy connection from the Natchez Trace. This is the route you should take if you want to get into Nashville from the Trace.

Here's a map of the MCB:

You can see that the southern terminus of the MCB is Vaughns Gap and Highway 100. The Trace ends at HWY 100, 6.4 miles down the road from the MCB. This section of road can be congested and there are some bad rumble strips in certain places, but it is an easy connection nonetheless. Once you get to the MCB, your route will be well signed. It is a combination of greenways, bike lanes, and shared paths.

I hope this helps somebody plan a trip. Come visit us in Nashville!

If you were planning to ride from the Nashville Airport to the start of the Natchez Trace, how would you go? We are confident road riders, but scenic routes and shortcuts are nice, although we're not excited about climbing long, steep hills. We get into Nashville on 10/7, the tour company picks up our gear on the morning of the 8th, and we'd rather ride to  the Comfort Inn in Franklin.

Pat Lamb:
Maybe I'm applying for full wuss status here...

Though I've never bicycled near the Nashville airport, I've flown in and out on several occasions, and I hate accessing that airport by ground.  I'd see if your hotel has a shuttle service available, and I'd take it.

Very good advise from pdlamb.

if you google map BNA, which is the Nashville airport, you can see that donelson pike to elm hill to bell road will take to to the Percy Priest dam head, there you can jump on the greenway and roll traffic free most of the way across town. For greenway info heres the link
Donelson has a rideable shoulder and both Elm hill and Bell road are pretty lite on traffic...I live here  :)


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