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Amtrak changes baggage and bike policy . .
« on: September 11, 2012, 01:32:56 am »

"WASHINGTON – Effective Monday, Sept. 10, Amtrak is implementing a "refined" baggage policy which reduces the number of free checked bags per ticketed passenger from three to two and raises the extra bag fee from $10 to $20. A limit of four bags may be checked, instead of six previously. This comes from an internal memo citing significantly higher baggage volumes as a result of increased ridership.

In addition, free checked bags will be limited to 75 linear inches, including length, width, and height, compared with a prior restriction of 36 inches on any one side. A $20 charge will now apply for items between 75 and 100 linear inches. Boxed bicycles as checked baggage will now cost $20 and tandem bikes and kayaks will no longer be accepted."
This is a deal-breaker for us tandem owners and really not acceptable. It is getting harder to move a tandem around without having one that comes apart. I'm lucky that our has couplers, but not many do.

Edit: see also this link - it appears that the bike charge is $10, not $20.

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Re: Amtrak changes baggage and bike policy . .
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I wonder if they will no longer accept tandem as rail freight (unaccompanied)? I'll have to look into that AMTRAK is my go-to shipper for tandems.