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Northern Tier / TransAm Start Date Question (E to W travel)

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Hey guys,

I tried to find a similar post to my question and remembered seeing it somewhere, but couldn't find it and therefore I just want to use this thread to ask my question since it is kind of similar.

I'm planning on doing a E-W trip from NYC to SF this summer/fall. It's supposed to go to Cedar City via the TransAm, then down the Grand Canyon Connector towards the Southern Tier. Then to the Pacific and up the coast to SF.

I can start earliest end of July (around 25th) and with my calculation (based on my previous touring experience) I would probably be around Pueblo (or in the Rockies) around late September/early October. I know the TransAm can be ridden "until September" according to the website, but I just wanted to ask if anyone has any experience in riding the part until Cedar City around late September/early October?

I know it differs from year to year, but how are my chances of  being able to pass the Rockies around that time (open passes/weather is the problem I am guessing?).

I think the weather conditions would probably be perfect for the rest of the route (late summer in the midwest, fall in the west/pacific), but it's the Rockies that I'm worried about.

Thanks a lot for your help already :)


The advantage of starting in the east is that you have the longest daylight hours.
A 10-week trip starting on May 15 will included 35 days before and 35 after the summer solstice on June 21.
I love autumn touring, but it's hard to get a lot of sightseeing AND riding in with the short days.

And there's no reason you can't combine the Trans Am and Northern Tier -
That way you don't have to ride thru Kansas in 100-degree heat or tornados.
Using just ACA routes, you could do Trans Am, Lewis & Clark, Northern Tier.

Better still - consider your own routing.
Perhaps cut out into the Nebraska Sandhills and the Black Hills of S.D.
Then take in the Bighorn Mtns and Yellowstone before riding up to Glacier National Park.


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