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Transam: Personal details Rockfish Gap->Pueblo
« on: September 28, 2012, 02:03:39 am »

To help other cyclists I tried to review my maps yesterday remembering as much as possible which might help cyclists.

These details are based on map sections I got from Adventure cycling around April 2012 (I got a mix of older and newer maps).

Map 143: Be careful not to cross over HWY 56. Many people might continue straight. You need to turn LEFT (does not make sense) to get off parkway. Map is somewhat drawn wrong.

Map 138: There are no services in Newbern, however in the distance on the intersection HWY100/I81 I saw a Walmart (a few miles north, off route).

Map 137: Wytheville is a strange, dead town, however the city park is very pleasant (next to fire and police station). Lots of shopping possibilities off route a few miles north on HWY52. I found nothing in town on route.

Map 131: Hindman seemed to have no shopping at all, however on route SE of town (up hill) on HWY 160 there is a big shopping mall in the middle of nowhere. Also a Rite Aid.

Map 129: Booneville shopping possibility is E of river.

Map 128: Dangerous fast traffic on HWY421.

Map 127: Lots of shopping on intersection HWY21/I75. On HWY out of town there are 2 campgrounds (pass I75 westbound). Campground on northside of HWY is 5 dollars cheaper and more pleasant.

Map 122: North of McDaniels be careful not to miss the left turn to HWY79. The map is not drawn correctly - on the map it looks like you just need to stay on the main route, however you need to make a hard 90 deg leftturn at a fully normal intersection (I think there was a bank at the intersection). If you miss it and go straight (because it goes pleasantly downhill) you will cross a bridge and from the map it looks like you crossed the correct bridge, but actually it is the wrong one.

Map 121: Shopping in Whitesville is off route E on HWY54.

Map 113: Between Rockwood and Chester heavy truck traffic.

Map 112/113: Between St Mary and River aux Vases extremely hilly terrain.

Map 110: Johnsons' Shut in state park is located on MM road (map is drawn wrongly). The state park is nice with brand new facilities and a small shop which is open until 9pm.

Map 107: Houston city park is located on HWY63. Westbound cont a bit downhill on HWY63 (North). It will be on your lefthand side after a few 100 yards. It is not necessary to inquire at police. It is located between HWY63 and 4th street (look up on google maps).

Map 104: For westbounders, a large shopping area is located W of I44 in Marschfield (cross over I44).

Map 103: Very nice city park in Ash groove (incl showers) with very nice people in town. As I remember grocery store on HWY is open till 9pm. Maybe only 8pm. Gas station closes before grocery store.

Map 101: Golden city has no grocery store/gas station close to route. You need to go far into town to find food.

Map 98: City park in Chanute very primitive next to sports field. 1 mi north of city park shopping area (Walmart etc).

Map 95: City park in Cassoday extremely primitive. Only filthy dry toilets. Just 200 yards north of city park there is a small grocery store which is VERY limited.

Map 93: In Hesston food is located close to I135, away from route.

Map 92: In Buhler, stores are located quite far off route going south on main street (almost 1 mile).

Map 91: Sterling city park has a pool which can be used by cyclists. It is located right hand side before crossing RR.

Map 87: Alexander has the cleanest roadside stop (toilets + water) in the entire US. Very impressive.

Map 86: Ness city has a city park incl pool. The city park is located close to a small stream W of HWY 283 on the north side of HWY96, approx 500 yards from main intersection.

Map 81: Tribune has a 24h service/gas station with food. The city park is located north on HWY27 just before leaving town. Just before leaving town turn left towards tennis/pool area. Tenting is allowed underneath trees on grassy area between the two one way streets.

Map 77: Haswell has a small wooden shelter for cyclists if weather turns bad (ask at gas station).

Map 76: Bike hostel is located north of town and is free.

Map 74: I had difficulties finding food in Pueblo along main route.