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WesternExpress: Personal details Pueblo->Panguitch
« on: September 28, 2012, 02:20:05 am »

To help other cyclists I tried to review my maps yesterday remembering as much as possible which might help cyclists.

These details are based on map sections I got from Adventure cycling around April 2012 (I got a mix of older and newer maps).

Map 57: Grocery store south of Wetmore is nice and welcoming. They also serve warm food.

Map 48: Last 5 miles towards Telluride are very steep eastbound. Heightprofile on map does not show severity of steepness. On height profile it shows a more or less steady climb from Placerville towards intersection just W of Telluride following San Miguel River. This is not true. The first 7-8 miles or so are almost flat following the river, then the last 3-4 miles are very steep.

Gas station at 145/145spur intersection opens at 6am and closes at 9pm (or maybe 10pm).

Map 43: The camping just before leaving south of Monticello is beat up but cheap (10 dollars for cyclists).

Map 43: North of Blanding at the Recapture Reservoir, the map (and route) is drawn completely wrong. Compare with google maps. From google maps it looks like there has been an old bridge once, which ACA still believes exists.

Map 40: Hite Recreation area has a limited shop which opens at 8am and closes at 5pm. The shop has a microwave and you can heat frozen food bought in the store. The recreation area is rough and not welcoming (naturewise) and in the summer temperatures easily reach 110 degF with absolutely no shade at campground. Ground is very rocky/stony and pitching a tent with stakes almost impossible.

Map 38: Hanksville is probably the smallest US town with the most gas stations. There is a grocery store W of town.

Map 36: Boulder is not really a town. There is a store W of town going downhill. The store is located on the right hand side and has a lot of organic food.


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Re: WesternExpress: Personal details Pueblo->Panguitch
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where is Wetmore?

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Re: WesternExpress: Personal details Pueblo->Panguitch
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If you call ahead, the nice Navajo woman who is stationed at the gas station at the Hite rec area will leave her trailer housing nearby (in season) and open it for you after hours.
Hours are often not even till 5. No business there anymore. Lake is dry there so no one uses the place. Used to be a finger of Lake Powell.
I camped there in late August after doing 90 miles with no services and of course, I was the only one there and it was after 4, so the station was closed. Ground was hot but scenery was pristine.
Just call ahead.