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Chain Maintenance on Tour

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Old Guy New Hobby:

--- Quote --- Plan to give Boeshield a try.
--- End quote ---

Boeshield lasts a good long time -- especially if it doesn't get wet. Don't over-lube. When you lube, spin off the excess. Also, lube the night before so it can dry.

Pat Lamb:

--- Quote from: Old Guy New Hobby on October 31, 2012, 08:03:35 am ---Boeshield lasts a good long time -- especially if it doesn't get wet. Don't over-lube. When you lube, spin off the excess. Also, lube the night before so it can dry.

--- End quote ---

And make sure you wipe the chain off the next morning.  I didn't follow that part of the instructions, and I had a monumental build-up of nasty, gritty, greasy wax when I got home.

FWIW, I've gone back to oil for my normal use.  Lasts longer, can be ridden right after lubing the chain, though it has to be wiped off, but that's no big deal when I have a good supply of rags.

You might try Chain L.  No connection to me.  Pretty sticky stuff, everything has to be wiped well, and even then the OUTSIDE of the chain will attract a fair amount of crud.  But, based on the 'smooth-running, no-squeak' performance I've had, the INSIDE-- the pins-- are staying lubed. And that's where the wear happens.

( Here in the NW appearance means nothing--everyone knows that)


--- Quote from: PeteJack on October 16, 2012, 09:23:48 pm ---It seemed so to me at first. A mechanic of my acquaintance who has been a wrench for a TdF team advocates changing chains every 500 (!) miles and using the cheapest chains you can find.
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This is a technique hardly anyone else can use.  First TdF teams get their components from their sponsors at no cost so economics don't enter into the consideration.  Second, they get chain in 100M rolls, not one at a time in a package so even the sponsor is actually paying only a small fraction of retail.  Finally, they are servicing the strongest pro riders in the world and any mechanical failure isn't just a minor inconvenience, it can be a financial disaster if it happens in a major race.   

Ask your friend how often they changed tires and see if you want to follow that recommendation too? :)


--- Quote from: bogiesan on October 08, 2012, 11:20:40 pm ---A few hours of interesting searching and reading will take you to Lonnie Morse's blog about WD40 and using no lubrication at all. It's a fascinating concept and I'm a bit more than one thousand miles into it myslef. My chain has been dry and clean. The whole transmission sparkles because there is nothing on it to attract or hold dirt.

Looking up Lonnie's blog will lead you to videos of lab tests and to engineering papers on chain lubes. Everything you think you know about this topic is wrong.

--- End quote ---

I understand this is opening up a can of worms.  Have you noticed any changes to your freewheel?  Being a water displacer and degreaser I'd worry about it getting in to the hub innards and breaking it down over time?  We used to run WD40 on motorcycle chains as kids, granted we rode the heck out of them and didn't care much about maintenance, but we had several bound links over the course of time.


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