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Overcoming butt pain

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What techniques or gear can I use to help with butt fatigue after an hour or more in the seat? I want to work up to a 300 mile trip, but currently have to stop and stretch after the first hour and the second hour is uncomfortable. I love my Sun X-frame, but don't know how to cope with the sore-butt issue during longer rides. I'm riding 2-3 times per week.

K v f:
There is no such thing as a perfect seat but if you're riding more than an hour every time you get on your bike I would suggest investing in a brooks sadle. On the low range you can pick a new one up for about 110. Since they are made of leather and have an adjustment on them to "hammock" between the front and back, once you have broken the seat in the continual pains will stop. Also consider the clothes you are wearing and the position of your seat. You will become used to it eventually if nothing else :D

It does take a while, as Kurt says. I spent about one season making friends with my Brooks.

But I'd try tweaking your present setup before spending big bucks. Remarkably small changes in riding position can make big differences in where the pressure hits.

The authoritative source is You will find much more with a search on this forum and on Google. Take these latter results with a grain of skepticism.


John Nelson:
Trying to find a saddle that is a better match for you is a good idea. Brooks leather saddles are magic for some people (me included) but they don't work for everybody. Some shops will let you try out different saddles and exchange them if they are not comfortable for you. If you can find such a shop, it might save you from buying a dozen expensive saddles.

There are some other things you can do to help. While riding, shift up and pedal standing for 15-30 seconds at least once every 10 minutes. You can also lower your handlebars, lengthen your stem, move your saddle back and/or make sure your saddle is not tilted backwards--all of these things shift weight from your butt to your arms (then you'll have sore arms).

I don't know if it would work for everyone but I wouldn't use anything but a Terry Liberator Y Gel saddle. The Y is the guy's saddle. The X is for women. I position the saddle as far forward as possible, level and fairly high. The only time I get any butt pain at all is after 80 miles in one day and, even then, just a little bit after a rest stop.


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