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OK, so if you start in Portugal, where do you plan to go from there? I would not go through the expense of flying to Europe just to cycle Portugal. However, it's a good starting point for an around-the-world trip, say to east China via whatever countries are safest. It's a good beginning for an extensive European tour of a couple of months or so.

 Right now I am working, and for exactly how much longer here I don't know. I am planning to take an extended tour. Right now I cannot even say which year it will be, 2013?, 2014? 2015? However, if I am still able, and barring any problems that would stand in the way of it, I most certainly will set out on another long tour. It might be the ST in winter. It might be the Transam. It could be in Western Europe. It might be around the world. It could be anywhere any time, but be it will. If I ever decide on a global tour, I will get new equipment. I have been looking at the Surly LHT, a sweet machine if ever I saw one.


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