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Southern Tier in March of 2013

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I have ridden fully loaded in some very wet places, including the western part of Northern Tier starting in late May twice. I have never once used fenders.
The gear on my rear rack sits parallel to the bike, preventing any spray from hitting me. And if it's raining hard eneough, my feet are going to get wet
with or without a front fender. In fact, I don't think any one of the 12 on our cross country trip used fenders.

Motels in Van Horn, Texas will probably be the least expensive ones you will come across on the ST. The motels I have used there are small, well heated and cooled, clean and neat, with no frills, e.g., bed, TV, shower, table, 2 chairs, carpet, maybe a refrigerator or a microwave. There are quite a few watering holes in VH in case you like to knock back a few beers once in a while like I do.

The Gardner Hotel in El Paso was fairly nice and inexpensive. It is a hostel.

Oh I love a discussion about fenders or better still mud guards and it's the Brits name "mud guards" give you a clue as to why I will always use them.  Like us all we expect and don't worry too much about getting wet.  What I want to avoid is the mud and grot that gets thrown up by my tires or tyres off the road and makes you just so dirty.  Now I know we all get hot and dirty but I personally try to avoid being covered in muck especially if you are wanting a stranger to offer you a bed as with "Warm Showers" etc - but in the end it's what you as an individual are comfortable with.
That's what makes cycling so interesting it meets everyone's needs.

Have fun whether you are muddy and wet or just wet  :)


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