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In the midst of cycling cross country here and in VA. Part of our route is the BRP.  Getting on around mile marker 270 and getting off at 376.6.  I have been looking for detailed directions to Julian Price Memorial Park and Crabree Meadows because they both have camping.  Does anyone know if these are right on the Parkway or are they off the Parkway?  I've heard the steepest part of the BRP is getting onto it:)  I am on the road now so there is no getting to a guide book or anything.  I will take any details you have about this part of my trip.


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Re: Camping on the Blue Ridge Parkway (between mile marker 270 and 376.6)
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Julian Price and Crabtree Meadows are both on the BRP and are operated by the National Park Service. You will not miss them. Crabtree Meadows has a nice climb to do to get into the campground and it feels worse than it is because it's the last thing you have to do that day.

You may also be interested in Bear Den campground located at 324.8. This campground is a privately operated and nice campground accessible from the parkway, but there is no sign for it since advertising is not allowed on the parkway. This would be about 15 miles before Crabtree Meadows. They would have showers if you would prefer that.

Typically, climbs on the side roads going to the parkway are steeper than anything on the actual parkway. The parkway has long grades more so than steep ones, but they can be very long. You will face a difficult climb after Crabtree Meadows going south over Craggy Gardens.

When you get on the parkway at 270 you will in general be gaining elevation as you travel south until you pass Craggy Gardens. It is then an 18 mile downhill run into Asheville. Milepost 376 is Town Mountain Road and is the best route into downtown Asheville. If you stay on the parkway until MP 382 the parkway crosses US70, there is a grocery store there and several motels to the east within a mile.

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Re: Camping on the Blue Ridge Parkway (between mile marker 270 and 376.6)
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If you stay at Crabtree Meadows be sure to purchase food before getting to the campground.  A camp store is on site but last October the shelves were empty as they were preparing to close for the season.  Even in peak season I have found that supplies were very limited.