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I am planning to go from Astoria to Boise during the first week of June 2013.  Does anybody have advice for using Washington State Route 14 from Vancouver to Umitilla?

Hey Elbrento-

I've only ridden from Portland/Vancouver to The Dalles, OR, which is 100 miles west of Umatilla. My preferred routing would be skip SR 14 on the Washington side and ride the south (Oregon) side of the Columbia River Gorge at least until The Dalles.

SR 14 on the Washington side has its moments, but it can be narrow and busy, with narrow shoulders and more truck traffic than you want. Plus there is about eight tunnels to pass through between Dallesport and Carson.

If you travel on the Oregon side, you will have to ride on Interstate 84 for at least two sections, which is unavoidable and legal. The two sections are from Yeon State Park to Bonneville, about three miles (until they finish the trail in this section), and fifteen miles from Wyeth to Hood River. But you'll be able to ride on sections of the Historic Columbia River Highway (HCRH), with its spectacular views and low traffic. And some sections of the HCRH are off-limits to cars, so you'll have some peaceful riding! Crown Point, Chanticleer Point/Women's Forum, Multnomah Falls, and the Mosier Tunnels are just a few of the scenic highlights of the Oregon side. There is some great views on SR 14 too, namely Cape Horn, but the HCRH has lots more.

After The Dalles, I have no experience, but heard SR 14 is a better option than the Oregon side (I-84.)

Crown Point and the Columbia Gorge from Women's Forum.

Multnomah Falls.

LHT avec Horsetail Falls.

Ridden WA 14 a couple of times.  It may be better than I-84 but it isn't the best.  Traffic has been increasing steadily over the past 10 years - - plus the eastern stretch is devoid of most services.  Not to mention you have to get over the Blue Mountains, anyhoo.

Consider Estacada, Maupin, Fossil, John Day, to Ontario.  OR 224 turns into paved forest roads and tops out at Timothy Lake.  Traffic drops off considerable from Portland metro - esp on weekdays.  Via Maupin and Fossil is more remote and tougher.  Via Madras and Prineville will put you on the TransAm for more miles but with higher traffic levels.  From Unity to Vale - if you have downhill with a tailwind you might be averaging 25 mph.


--- Quote from: jamawani on October 16, 2012, 02:50:32 am ---Consider Estacada, Maupin, Fossil, John Day, to Ontario.  OR 224 turns into paved forest roads and tops out at Timothy Lake.

--- End quote ---

I rode from Estacada to Timothy Lake a couple years ago. There is about a 3-5 mile section of gravel before Timothy Lake, if you use the more direct Forest Service Road 5810. FS 58 is supposed to be paved the whole way, but is the longer routing. Still a beautiful, lightly trafficked ride in this area no matter what way you do it.

The gravel section of FS 5810 before Timothy Lake.

I just completed my trip a week ago from Astoria to Boise and it was a blast.  I stayed on U.S. 30 to Portland and pretty much followed the Adventure Cycling map until Umitilla.  Climbing the grade out of Pendleton was tough, but once again followed the old highway and very little traffic.  Stayed on old U.S. 30 (which runs along side of Interstate 84) for most of the way back into Idaho.  All in all a very good trip and get this, not one flat tire.  I could not believe it.


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