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52 cm Trek 520 w/48 spoke tandem wheels
« on: October 17, 2012, 01:43:10 pm »
I have a 2005 Trek 520 metalic sage green colored.

Has Deore XT 3pc crank (4 hole pattern) currently has 44/34/22 rings, scram chain 105 series cassette (I buy cheaper, heavier drivedrains as I wear thru them pretty fast) Crank Bros Candy C pedals included

Has Both Jandd front & rear expo series racks; thats the flattop front and the longer 17in rear which carries 20in pads awesome so as the taillight (Double rowed barrel which has awesome visibility and is mounted on the rack with a little platic mount/holster I fabricated so as to carry my chain lube, spare tube under the taillight and I carry the tube wrench there also. Front light is a cheaper 3 led bike planet one.

Has replacement salsa matching stem, seatpost, bars (They're a 44cm wider size cyclecross so the top bend is a little shorter and the drops are flaired out a little but not crazy like the Fargo)
Has bar end shifters, diacomp levers to v-brakes as well as Paul v-brake cycle cross levers so you can ride/brake from the bar tops. The paul cross levers are duel use so as you could refit the bike with centerpull style and the Paul levers will still work with the shorter pull needed.
White two tone fizik tape with white cable housing redone Spring 2012. Has cheaper 4 funtion puter (Total miles/Trip Miles/Total Time riding/Clock) as well as a bell.

Has a pair of 48 spoke tandem wheels, Shim XT high flange hubs (Polished alum) both done with solid BMX axels and 15mm nutz as well as the hubs have been machined to conventional road bike spacing 135 rear. I just had the rear wheel hub rebuilt on a new hoop as I finally wore a rim sidewall thru it cracked. The new hoop on back is a Rhino Light where as the front has a Bontragger Clyde, both hoops are black with stainless spokes (Don't know the size?)
I went to these wheels as I carry too much weight and wheel flex creeps me out so with the 48 spokers there is no wheel flex and the bike rides like a freight train down hills as well as you can ride it off curbs, over jumps with your cycle cross bubbies or ride it like you stole it or fleeing a crime scene.

Bike currently uses Specialized Nimbus 35 X 700c grey tires, comes with a third/spare. Has 35-43 700c sized tubes presta no liners. Has an older Zefel black cross bar frame pump size #3 fitted/mouted so it has that vintage look. 3 water bottle racks.

It was my retirement gift to myself when I retired from the Army 2005. Odometer says 7K miles but prolly more like 10K? If I wasn't touring/living on the bike it was packed in a cardboard bike box ready to run  away; bike wasn't/isn't used for communting/daily riding.

I like the bike but wanna go Salsa Fargo Ti fat tire niner styling so as I can roll down the bluffs to the waves-skinny 35cms sink too bad in sand.
I won't sell for less than $1050 cash as is. Email "" if interested, I'll pop some pics so I can share as well as you'll get an idea what it looks like loaded. Currently riding the bike on Pacific coast, Central CA now.

If you write for pics I'll have to remind you that bike will not include seat, tool kit/s, mirror nor fenders kit as these I will be keeping for the next bike less the fenders which I'll be making an artwork from (I've been colecting those stupid little white oval stickers like the euro country identity plaques but mine are of USA ski towns I've ridden thru/partied.

Great first bike for 30in inseam rider who wants to carry 35-50lbs of gear on the bike alone. Last summer I pulled a Burley Nomad with my raft in it so as to portage and make water crossings and learned the hard way BoB os the way to go, burleys are suck boat anchors compared to a BoB!

Bike weight last time on scale without bags, just the two foam pads on the rear rack and tools was like 47Lbs so it's a heavy little tank but solid like a tank! Wheels are heavy little buggerz but bombproof!

Thanks for reading