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Bob Guercio:
Hi All,

I just purchased a Schwinn bicycle from the Voyageur 2 series and the tire pressure noted on the tires should be 44 to 73 psi.  All my riding is done on paved streets.  Considering that, could you please recommend a more exact pressure for my tires?

Thanks in advance,


I'm no expert, but my advice would be to keep the pressure on the high side of that range if you're riding on paved streets.

If you want something more exact, check this out:

I've got Continental  Travel contacts max psi is 85.I go 90

Here is one expert's take on tire pressure:

Bike Hermit:

--- Quote from: driftlessregion on October 22, 2012, 09:26:53 pm ---Here is one expert's take on tire pressure:

--- End quote ---
hmmmm, I just re-read that article and realized that front tire pressure and rear tire pressure can/should be different. My linear way of thinking made me miss that. I've always been careful to have equal pressure in both tires. Must experiment.


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