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Burro AA power packs, rechargers
« on: October 28, 2012, 10:28:35 am »

They make a universal AA charger, rechargable AA batts, a USB charging pack that holds 4 AAs, a desk light, and a hand torch. You can also purchase vouchers that will allow the company to give products to off-grid users in Ghana, West Africa.

I have no experience or relationship with these products. However, Kent's blog is full of useful and practical information. If he likes this brand's products, you will, too, probably. These products appear to have been field tested in conditions that are far more brutal than anything you will do to them on a bike tour.

They have a startup crowd-funding presence on indiegogo and they sell their products in the USA through an Amazon storefront:

I recently acquired an iPhone and now I must contemplate how to keep it charged and useful on a bike tour. Even though I only do supported tours, electrical service is not always avaialble where we camp. These look like viable products. I'll be getting them soon but won't have any practical experiencce for several months.
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