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Bushwhacker bags and panniers

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Never used this make but the thing that interests me is the shape of the rear pannier - ie sloping top to bottom which suggests that they might be designed more for mountain bikes with shorter chain stays, that way you don't kick the pannier with your heels. Or for use with people who have big feet(me) Whereas I would prefer a touring bike that can accommodate larger capacity bags enabling you to keep your load as low as possible.

I guess that as no one yet has said they have a set, and this forum probably has some of the most experienced touring cyclists arround, then they have probably been rejected or are just so new on the market.

My advise would be to read the many threads on here about panniers and go for a set you think would meet your needs.  Or buy these Bushwackers and let us all know how you get on.


--- Quote from: MNRider on October 27, 2012, 08:16:09 pm ---Has anyone here used Bushwhacker trunk bags or panniers? I'm an avid day cyclist but am interested in getting into some weekend tours. Unfortunately the budget is very tight so I'm looking for a basic but durable set of bags for the rear rack to get started. I don't mind utilitarian but I don't want "cheap" bags that don't do the job or don't hold up.

Here is an example of what I am looking at:

I'm open to other suggestions for a set in the under $150 range if possible.

--- End quote ---

 I love the sport so much that I believe in paying it back.
I have an 2008 Sunlite trunk bag which was stated at 1069 cu" I have hardly used it and it hasn't been abused so if you want the bag it's yours just pay the shipping.
After all it's the holidays and I know the bag will go to good use.
It does have the Panniers and expanding top.
It's similar to the new one listed here.


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