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San Juan trip - suggestions

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Thanks Harper, I ended up taking the Victoria Cutter, well from DNTN to Victoria, explored the city and outlying areas (they have a really cool bike coop  on the galloping goose trail BTW) spent the night and then rode to Sidney, took the ferry to San Juan Island, and spent two days biking around there (I've got friends with a hot tub who live there!) . . . and then doubled back on my route back home.

The weather was really nice with only a little bit of rain on my last day - and really the just intermittently during the last 15-20 miles.

It looks like there is just a ton of riding out there, so I will plan on taking your route in the near future.

Itinerant Harper:
Sounds like a good trip - you can't really go wrong out there. Plenty to explore too; if you do a longer time out in the Islands I highly recommend riding Canada's Gulf Islands along with the US San Juans. It's the same island chain but just across the border. However the character of the islands is remarkably different.


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